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Empty Capsule Size Chart

Are you confused how to choose the capsule size you want?Are you not sure the capsule specification?Do not worry. We solve the problem here for you. There are several empty capsule size. Generally, the main eight specifications are empty capsule size 000, empty capsule size 00, empty capsule size 0, empty capsule size 1, empty capsule size 2, empty capsule size 3, empty capsule size 4 and empty capsule size 5. We are a worldwide leading manufacturer of empty gelatin capsules and empty vegetarian. If you have any question about empty capsules, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to serve our distinguished customers.

Please check out the following figure.


For different filling material and capsule filling machine, the filling capacity of empty capsule is varied for the same type of capsule. The data is for reference purpose only.
Capsule Weight - The total weight of the empty capsule, which is measured in milligrams (mg).
Volume Capacity - The total volume of the inside of the empty capsule in milliliters (ml) .
( Note :1 milliliter(ml) = 1 gram(g)).
Weight Capacity by Formulation - The total weight capacity of the capsule measured in milligrams(mg) and also is up to the density of your formulation.
Overall Closed Length - The total length of the capsule when it is fully closed and locked.
Individual Lengths - Respectively measure the body and the cap of the capsule’s in both millimeters and inches. The Body is the longer part of the capsule, while the cap is shorter part. The body and cap is integrated a complete capsule.
External Diameter - The total diameter of both the body and the cap.
Tolerance - The allowable variance range of all capsule size standard.

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